Bespoke Executive Search and Talent Acquisition.


Weorþ offers bespoke recruitment consultancy, executive search and talent acquisition to small number of clients across sectors …

… for less expense than you’d expect from a traditional search firm!

How can we help?

Do you have a key role to fill? Or perhaps you need a regular stream of talented people?

In this market, advertising alone does not always reach the candidates you need. Recruitment is also time consuming.

An executive search process is a powerful approach to recruiting because it covers all the bases – actively searching for candidates while still advertising too, keeping candidates engaged so they are less likely to drop out and screening people for you, so you already know things like their interest levels, salary expectations and potential fit for the role before you spend time meeting them.

It can be used for roles at all levels.

What does Weorþ mean?

Weorþ in Old English means worth, deserving, honoured, esteemed. For ease, we pronounce it as ‘Worth’.

When you go through a recruitment process – making a CV or an application, going for an interview – you can sometimes feel up for judgement. Weorþ is a reminder that each of us is intrinsically worthy. Recruitment is about finding the right fit where the person will flourish.

Weorþ goes hand in hand with inclusion and anti-racism. If we cherish each person’s worth, then fairness, equity and humanity should follow. Whether you are our client or a potential candidate, we aim to care for you and support you.

If we can help, please get in touch!

Weorþ Talent Acquisition is a new venture launched in December 2022 and looking to work with a small handful of clients each year. Please contact to find out more.